Friday, 31 May 2013

Lord Azzur's Palace

This is a first draft for Lord Azzur's Palace. Totally non-canon, but it might provide some inspiration for writers. The basic idea is to reflect the development of the site. It begins with a simple motte and bailey castle built on an artificial hill. The other buildings are extensions and additions which appear plausible in the progression from a defensive castle towards its current status as a grandiose palace and centre of government. It has its own dock and garrison. The finished site plan might well include seven or eight levels, three of which are below ground. 


  1. That looks awesome! I tried to do an adventure centred around Lord Azzur's palace and it's very interesting how you've also assigned the kitchen area/gardens to the east side of the building, and the guards' quarters in the same place I did! Can't wait to see a bigger version and I'm especially interested in what the palace actually looks like, as I could never really picture that in my head.

  2. Wow! My first comment. Thank you, Jenny.

    It's needed doing since 1986. The plan is aligned East at the top, so the gardens get southern sunlight, but otherwise the position of the buildings just felt right.

    I'm not sure what it will look like, but I will put up some initial sketches later today. If you have any ideas or suggestions I can work those in. I'll see if I can post you a bigger version through the Arion Games forum.