Thursday, 4 October 2012

This is the latest draft map from June 2011. It is still not quite right. It has been more than a year since I last worked on it and coming at it with fresh eyes may help define the problems. Trying to figure out why the southern hemisphere is warmer than the north leads back to the problem of where to place the equator. Related to that problem is that there is no axial tilt to the planet, which is needed to create seasonal climate changes.

I am currently playing with the idea that the compass rose on this map isn't aligned with the planetary axis. Tweaking the axial tilt by about 10 degrees should make everything a little more coherent, so that is the next experiment.

I am now working on a new map of Port Blacksand. Like the Titan map, I am taking things right back to basics and working it out from there. One thing I noticed is that the temples in PB are not aligned to the cardinal points of the compass, as many churches are. Linking that observation with the Titan map, the axial tilt starts to make more sense.

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