Friday, 5 October 2012

We now have a world map of Titan that appears to work quite well. However, what you see is not necessarily what you get and now we can start getting to the heart of this project, the creation of a 3D world.

I found and painted this 80mm diameter globe last year. Over the next few weeks I will be building up the mountainous regions and other geographical features so we can get a better idea of how things will look.

The land masses were plotted onto the globe from map data. It was immediately clear that the Titan map did not show the whole surface of the globe. After some discussion the continents were altered and the oceans widened. Similar alterations here will make a big improvement in plotting and mapping from the globe.

There are some surprises and useful information here which we didn't have before. I am sure we are going to have plenty of great ideas about how we can build 3D models of Titan and re-map from those.

The Ocean of Serpents separating The Old World from Khul is much narrower than before.

The Western Ocean is really big. The landmass at the bottom is the Unknown Continent. I imagine it has an Icelandic environment and is actively volcanic. Titan's south polar regions are noticeably warmer than the northern regions. It is plausible that much of the southern polar region is actively volcanic.

The northern pole of Titan. The permanent ice cap shown expands as the winter progresses and may reach as far as the north west coast of the Old World. Both polar regions appears to be mountainous with tall peaks.  

The climate maps can be used to determine the directions of winds and sea currents and surface temperatures, which add detail to the environment. The Springhope Isles are equatorial and more isolated than before.

Khul is shown too large here and should not extend so far south. 

Allansia obviously needs to be shown much larger. The continents of the northern hemisphere rise high above sea level, while much of the surface of the southern hemisphere is open seas.

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